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Our staff is comprised of Mary (Owner), Maria (Daughter/co-owner), and Brian (Grandson/website designer/Sales Associate). Mary started Mary's LB. in 1988 when she ran out of food for her dog one night and called up her local pet store and asked if they could wait five minutes for her because she was running late, the store manager refused. It was that fateful night that Mary decided that she would own her own pet store, one that cares for it's customers and is willing to wait that five extra minutes for someone in need of food for their beloved pet all while providing the best foods to keep your animals healthy. Maria began working for Mary's LB. in 2003 to help her mother run the family business, she has been an integral part of the store since. Brian began working in the store from the moment he was just a toddler until he decided to "help'' with the fish tanks by adding in some much needed chemicals, then it was off to daycare, once in high school however it was time for his return to the family business ever since then he has worked his hardest to learn and teach as much as possible in order to keep your pets healthy.  

Mary’s LB is a family-owned and operated pet store, established in North Miami, Florida, in 1988.

When Mary recognized how difficult it was to find good service and quality foods for her own pets, she started a shop of her own to meet the needs of the community.

Today Mary and her daughter Maria continue to provide pet supplies and services to pet owners from as far as West Palm Beach.

Customers are willing to travel for the level of personalized service they receive. Mary and Maria are on a first name basis with customers and pets.

They are always happy to offer knowledge and advice on animal feeding and care. Mary has decades of experience caring for animals, and you can usually find pets for adoption at the store.

Come see this neighborhood gem for yourself. 

We were recently featured as one of the best exotic pet stores in south florida by CBS!

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